Sunday, August 10, 2008

Random News

Knowing the raging heavy metal fans that we all are it is important to keep up on news around the globe. I mean what better to fuel metal lyrics than real world problems? I was scoping the web, and while there are many serious matters, such as the conflict between Russia and Georgia, I found a few interesting and funny random news stories.

Here is a couple that I thought were fairly cool...

Invisibility cloak:

According to BBC news scientists are closer to developing cloaking devices, once thought only to be science fiction myths. Check it out here!

High Gas Prices Result in an Interesting new Trend...

Apparently in Oregon police have been finding discarded bottles of urine that people have dropped out of their car windows. Why? Gas is so damn expensive who wants to take the time to stop and take a leak?

See the full story.

UPDATE: Check out this other interesting news story I was reading...

The right to bear arms... in school?

A new law has made it legal for some of Texas's school teachers to carry concealed weapons. What's next? Guns for the students to protect themselves with?

Lets hope they train those teachers how to use em'!

More here.

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