Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Metallica Song: Cyanide

Yes, that's right, Metallica have finally decided to play a new song live and it is called Cyanide. It is the one they used clips of for the video promoting their album release site Mission Metallica.

It sounds good, most surprising was that Rob has his own bass sections in the song, which Metallica has never really done before. It kind of sounds like a mix of Black Album and Load sound, with a slight thrash edge. My only worry is that the long song problem, as seen on St. Anger might show up again on this album. By long song problem I mean that the songs on St. Anger had the tendency to go on about 3 minutes longer than they should have.

However, this song has a lot more change-ups and the addition of a solo does help break up the song.

All in all I would give the song a B rating from the live performance of it. But, I won't make my final judgment until I hear it on Death Magnetic.

Check it out for yourself right here!

NOTE: Video is taken from Metallica's Ozzfest performance last night, on Saturday August 9.

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