Friday, August 22, 2008

Metal Meltdown!

Haven't posted in awhile, but just wanted to say that the Metal Masters tour in Tinley Park, Illinois was the shit! Was there a little late into Testament's set, but they seemed to rip it especially when playing the new track Formation of Damnation live.

Motorhead delivered a solid 40-45 minute set that reminded everyone why Lemmy is God. The highlight there was probably In the Name of Tragedy, what a rockin' song! Oh and the current drummer, I'm drawing a blank on his name, but he was in King Diamond played an insane drum solo.

Heaven and Hell won the award for best theatrics and Dio gave an awesome performance, his voice has barely changed since the 80s. One of the greatest metal singers of all time. Period.

And Judas Priest ended the night with a bang with great tunes such as Painkiller, Hellbent for Leather and Dissident Aggresor. Fuckin' right!

Oh and don't forget the new Motorhead album Motorizer comes out August 26th. Here is a preview!

P.S. Took the preview widget off of the blog because it automatically started on its own. Check out the link though here

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