Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just so you know...

Metallica is releasing songs off the new CD Death Magnetic every Monday until the CD comes out September 12.

Here are the first two released songs... My Apocalypse and The Day That Would Never Come.

NOTE: These songs are decent, but they definitely take some getting used to. James' vocals seem to be mixed a little lower than usual and Lars' drums are still loud as all hell much like on St. Anger. Kirk's solos seem to be the most inspired since Master of Puppets days.

I think that the album will be solid, but unless the rest of the tracks are above and beyond the ones released so far it will not be mind blowing.

However, it should be a fun album and there are bound to be plenty of riffs that will make both old and new Metallica fans smile.

UPDATE: Song #3 Cyanide Studio Version added! Plus new video for The Day That Never Comes!

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