Sunday, March 16, 2008

Can you do the Milano Mosh?

Hey metalheads, Randy here for another metal rant. Well more of a review of what was a great concert at the Vaudeville Muse in Des Moines, IA.

Last night, a couple fellow metalheads and I, went to see a little band known as Methods of Destruction (M.O.D. for short).

The frontman of the band is none other than Billy Milano of S.O.D. fame. Charlie Benante, Scott Ian and Dan Lilker were the other members of S.O.D. and together they recorded the album Speak English or Die, which was a huge success. Charlie and Scott left to focus on Anthrax, leaving Billy Milano behind to start anew. So, he naturally made a new band in the fun spirited thrash-metal vein of S.O.D.

And now, Billy Milano is still going strong with M.O.D. The second I entered the Vaudeville Muse I felt like I was entering a time warp to a 1980's thrash concert. To the left of me there were patches of oldschool metal bands being sold. The crowd consisted of a lot of dudes with long hair, but don't get me wrong there were still some females and, uh, "modern" looking dudes too.

Opening was the great Black Market Fetus. (sorry we missed the first opening band) Those guys always put on a great show, black and thrash inspired metal that is a lot of fun. A circle pit was going the whole time, but everyone was actually moshing respectfully and no one was touched who didn't want to be in the pit! (these kids listening to metalcore and hardcore need to learn a lesson)

Finally, out came the man himself, Billy Milano, with the rest of the guys in M.O.D. The guitar player told the sound guy exactly what he wanted for sound during the soundcheck and they sounded amazing because of it.

Here are just some of the cool songs they played:
"Aren't you Hungry?"
"Kill Yourself"
"Milano Mosh"
"Hate Tank"

Milano also filled about half the set with his humorous stories and Republican rants, but I found them enjoyable and I am a Democrat!

If you ever get the chance, check out M.O.D. in concert. You will have a good time, guaranteed.

P.S. I met Billy Milano in person afterwards. He is the classiest musician I have ever seen. You can tell he actually loves the music he is playing and his fans. If you get the chance check out some of M.O.D.'s old stuff (USA for M.O.D., Devolution, etc.) As well as the new album "Red, White and Screwed".

The video I wanted to put up currently is not uploading, but I will try again here soon...

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