Saturday, March 15, 2008

And you thought I would forget about the blog!

It's Spring Break, but your loyal metal DJ Randy is still updating the Metal Show blog in his free time. Remember as said earlier, no metal show this Wednesday, but then the Metal Show will be back to its regularly scheduled programming from 7-9PM on KRUI 89.7!

I just wanted to personally tell everyone that the new Meshuggah album obZen is amazing and kicks much ass. You can purchase it for a little over $8 on iTunes. Or, even better, head to your favorite CD store and buy that shit!

As for those of you who downloaded the CD I hope you get shot... ok maybe not... but you should be supporting the music you love.

Oh, and I am in Des Moines and plan on catching Billy Milano with M.O.D. tonight at the Vaudeville muse. Black Market Fetus will be opening. (great Des Moines metal band)

If you are still debating purchasing the new Meshuggah CD, watch this great video and then think of this song with better production and more brutal and you have the new Meshuggah album!

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