Saturday, October 23, 2010

Helloween asks 'Are You Metal?"

When Helloween released Unarmed - Best of 25th Anniversary (full of acoustic/symphonic re-recordings of the band's classic songs), I started to lose hope for the upcoming album 7 Sinners.

The whole album was very unnecessary and should have just been packaged as a greatest hits to celebrate the occasion in my mind. Then I heard "Are You Metal?.

This is a monster of a song, full of heavy guitar riffs reminiscent of something found on Dream Theater's "The Glass Prison" mixed with the melodicism you would expect from Andi Deris-era (and most era) Helloween.

It was like the band knew it had to pull out all the stops and deliver a piece of music that could not only satisfy power metal fans, but fans of modern metal as well.

Let's hope the album (set to be released on Halloween, but more likely the Tuesday after the holiday), is equally awesome.

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