Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Weekend Roundup: Halford, Immortal and Autopsy

Well it's the weekend once again, and now that the college football season is underway, the days can be full of beers, brats (yeah, that's the German spelling, not brauts), and metal music.

I just watched my own college favorite (Iowa Hawkeyes) pummel Eastern Illinois). But enough about football, you are here for metal. And I'll sum up your end of weekend metal news right here.

Halford announces release date for new album

That's right, good ol' Halford is back at it again, this time making a legitimate metal album and not some Christmas wreck.

We've already been able to check out one embarrassingly cheesy, yet deliciously heavy, track ("The Mower") from the CD titled Made of Metal, in addition to a live version of the Nascar-ode and title track, and now we can hear the rest on September 28 in the USA (a day earlier for all you European fans and Oct 13 in Japan).

Autopsy streams its new EP The Tomb Within

The legendary gore metal band Autopsy keeps things as bloody as ever on its latest EP The Tomb Within, which hits stores on September 13.

The album provides fans with more of the classic gore-heavy style, and while there may not be too many modern tricks on display here, it does sound like a promising throwback album for those who miss the scene / never got into it in the first place.

You can listen to the full EP on the band's website.

Immortal release video for 'All Shall Fall'

And finally we end our weekend celebration of all things metal, with a new video from black metal veterans Immortal. It's pretty much the standard fare, but it has some cool imagery (I just wish the album of the same name wasn't so mediocre).

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