Monday, August 16, 2010

Tila Tequila, Andrew WK, and Juggalos

So, I'll briefly mention this, only because I know a lot of metalheads dig Andrew WK and I was interested by this video of him performing at the Gathering of the Juggalos (presented by the Insane Clown Posse).

If you missed the recent news, Tila Tequila was recently "attacked," at this year's annual jughead fest.

Where I come from, if you don't like a performer (even if they suck as much as Tequila), you don't EVER physically abuse them. It's scum like this who give metal, hip-hip, whatever form of music a bad name.

What disturbs me the most, is this isn't just one person throwing shit on stage, it's at least 20 or 30 goddamn juggalos! That would not be tolerated at any metal show I've been to. Just ridiculous. Especially when you think of that bastard who went onstage and took Dimebagg Darrell's life.

On a lighter note, check out Andrew WK performing at 2008's annual gathering and having to be dragged off stage, probably because people were in fear of an all out riot breaking out. Part of me says this is idiotic for him to even try and perform and part of me says, "well done."


Rob Liz said...

Somebopdy has taken the full uncensored version of the attack but here is a close video to what actually happened. Personally I have no sympathy for either side.Juggalos are ignorant rednecks and she's a no talent attention whore on drugs. Get those two together and this what you get.
I don't believe for a minute after seeing this that it went down like she said.

Rob Liz said...