Thursday, August 5, 2010

Can an Ozzy-fronted Black Sabbath make an album as good as "The Devil You Know"?

I'm going to pose a question to all of you metalheads. Do you think that Ozzy, if he were to reunite with the other members of Black Sabbath, would be able to put out anything close to the excellent Heaven and Hell release, The Devil You Know?

It almost seems like blasphemy for me to even ask this, after the death of the legend that is Ronnie James Dio. However, it's likely going to happen, assuming Ozzy makes it to the recording sessions (which hopefully he will, don't get me wrong).

While I think another Black Sabbath reunion could be cool, I don't know if a new album with Ozzy's 'processed' vocal styling of today, would go over as well. Maybe I'm just biased towards Dio though...

Below are examples of each band's latest work. And feel free to voice your opinion and leave a comment.

Heaven and Hell - "Fear"

Ozzy Osbourne - "Diggin' Me Down"

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Rob Liz said...

I sincerely doubt it. Ozzy is not really used to working on an even keel with other people and the style of music has to change to fit his vocals. The last time they reunited it wasn't because of the new tracks that were recorded it was the nostalgia for the two camps meeting.