Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Death Shocks the Metal World: RIP Paul Gray

Damn. I came out of graduation to hear that Ronnie James Dio passed away and then as I ended my road trip back from Texas I saw that Slipknot bassist Paul Gray died close to home, in Urbandale, Iowa, yesterday.

This is sad news, whether you like Slipknot or not, and I'm sure this is a rough time for both the members of the band, family and all of the friends the group has made while on the road.

Here's to you Paul Gray. May you also rest in peace alongside James "The Rev" Sullivan, Peter Steele, Ronnie James Dio in Heaven ... or Hell (depending on your preference).

UPDATE: Just caught the end of Slipknot's press conference. The whole band (and Gray's wife) were there and seemed very torn up over the bassist's death. Pretty intense stuff and crazy to see all these guys in a room without masks on such a somber occasion.


Aquanet for the masses said...

I worked for FYE at Coral Ridge for years. While never a huge Slipknot fan (lots of style over substance but I'll always support "local" bands)every member of that band made their way into the store at some point. Most would come in, go about their business, and leave. We never bothered them and respected their privacy. Paul, on the other hand, loved to talk music and would spend hours in there listening to music and talking about bands he toured with and admired. A good guy who will be missed.

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