Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Paddy's Day Streaming Music Roundup: Dillinger Escape Plan, Landmine Marathon, Brian Posehn

It's Spring Break. Today is St. Patrick's Day. I've been doin' stuff. So sorry about the lack of posts, but in the meantime here is some music to listen to while you are awaiting me to get back to a "daily schedule."

First off... Dillinger Escape Plan's Operation Paralysis is streaming on the band's MySpace (out March 23).

Next up is the new Landmine Marathon album Sovereign Descent which is out now. You can listen to that one at the Metalsucks blog.

Finally here is a sample of the latest Brian Posehn comedy album Fart and Wiener Jokes (out April 27).


Brian Posehn - Fart & Wiener Jokes Coming 4/27 | MySpace Video

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