Thursday, March 25, 2010

Soulfly Goes CGI with "Omen"

What is the deal with metal bands putting out crappy looking CGI album covers???

Iron Maiden most notoriously did it with Dance of Death, but there are other offenders out there too. Soulfly's latest though isn't as bad as some, but I don't necessarily think it's good either...

Maybe I am just being over critical anyways. Who even looks at album covers anymore in the age of downloading? And shouldn't it be the music that matters the most?

Say what you will, I still miss cool album covers and I think it's one of those things people will be sad to see go once physical albums die out.

That being said, the new Soulfly record Omen is set for a May 25 release date. I didn't give Max Cavalera's band much time in the past, but after hearing Conquer got some pretty rave reviews I decided to check the band out.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Below is a video for the song "Unleash" off that album.

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