Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Music Video Round-up: Trivium, Caliban, Straight Line Stitch, Mutiny Within

Not a lot of metal news going on right now, but a lot of music video releases. So I figured why not listen to them all and post some thoughts?

Trivium - "Shattering the Skies Above"

Rating: OK
Commentary: Definitely Trivium in sound and the new drummer has potential. This song was just for the God of War III soundtrack, but I would have liked to see the band mix up its style like Megadeth used to do (remember all its great soundtrack songs... "Diadems", "Go To Hell" and "99 Ways to Die" anyone?

Anyways, this won't silence the Trivium haters, but I'm looking forward to seeing what the band comes up with for its next album. Could be heavy...

Caliban - "No One is Safe"

Caliban - No One Is Safe

Caliban | MySpace Music Videos

Rating: Meh?
Commentary: I do kind of dig the orchestral breakdown around the 2 minute mark, at least it's more varied than what the other metalcore kids are doing (and it should be seeing as I remember putting another video from Caliban up and being surprised how long they have been around). Although the band always looks so bored in its videos! Get wild!

Straight Line Stitch - "Never See the Day"

Rating: OK
Commentary: This band is sort of a guilty pleasure of mine. Alexis Brown has a powerful and unique voice, even if the verse, chorus, verse, huge end breakdown, pattern is overused.

There is more actual singing on this track than any of the other singles, so if that throws you off, check out the band's other work.

Straight Line Stitch won't blow you away, but you could do a lot worse. It's simple, fun, and trendy metal/hardcore.

Mutiny Within - "Awake"

Rating: Good
Commentary: I can't say I'm in love with this song, or Mutiny Within itself, but I have to salute any modern metal band that uses clean vocals throughout the song, and the guitarists have some ability.

I heard the band's first self-titled disc has only sold 900 copies in its first week. It definitely deserves higher numbers than that!

At War - "Make Your Move"

Rating: Very retro, in a good way.
Commentary: At War's latest disc infidel had some very cheesy cover art, which didn't really prompt me to check it out, but this song is a solid dose of thrash, if not a bit generic.

Plus that video is just crazy. I never knew I had the desire to see an electric shaver scorpion fight a push-light plier crab until now!

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