Thursday, February 11, 2010


Not only did Fear Factory put out a Mechanize today, featuring the crushing combo of Gene Hoglan and Dino Cazares (both literally and sonically), but Overkill and Arsis put out great records too!

The new Fear Factory might just be the best thing since Demanufacture (which is still a revolutionary CD to this day).

Overkill's Ironbound is a total metal classic that should be picked up by all true metalheads. Bands don't make albums like this anymore! It's brilliant! (Although, there are a few production flaws with my digital copy at least, hopefully they'll fix come clipping / static issues).

And I haven't spent too much time with the new Arsis CD, Starve for the Devil yet, but from what I've heard it combines '80s metal and death metal into a satisfying mix.

If there was a reason to motivate you to visit your local record shop / online retailer, this should be it! These are three solid releases and you can't really go wrong with any of them.

Watch the new Overkill video for "We Are the Night" below (or just stream the entire album HERE).

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