Thursday, February 4, 2010

Give it up Sepulhaters!

While looking at Sepultura's Wikipedia page, I noticed the above chart showing that Derrick Green has been with the band for as long as Max Cavalera now...

And yet there are still tons of people who say, "Bring back MAX!" or "The only good thing about modern day Sepultura is Andreas Kisser!" Well all of you people can suck it.

Sepultura is still as hard working as ever and Dante XXI made this metal show host's end of decade list! (you are missing out on a great album if you ignore this one).

Sepultura is way more complex and evolving in sound than it would have been if Max was still in the band. The current members are willing to experiment and try new things, which I always admire.

Plus, keep in mind Max's ending work with Sepultura wasn't really all that memorable to begin with.

Also don't forget that Paulo Jr. has been in the band since the beginning, Andreas almost the whole time, and the latest drummer Jean Dolabella is awesome too.

I'll admit, even I haven't given A-Lex the attention it fully deserves, but I can't imagine Sepultura would be putting out anything better if Max would have stayed around.

By this point, if you don't like the band, quit whining.

P.S. I did enjoy Cavalera Conspiracy's Inflikted album a lot. But it isn't really anything innovative. Just a fun album to rock out to.

For reference here is the recent live video which had similar comments to what I was complaining about... not the best sound quality, but looks like it would be a cool show if you were there! (Sepultura opening for Metallica in Brazil I believe).

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