Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Grammy Awards Suck

Rob Halford: "I'm glad accept this award for the Dissident Aggressor performance..." What the hell is this? 1977?

So right now millions of Americans are checking out what insane outfit Lady GaGa is wearing or waiting for Kanye West to pull some crazy stunt on the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards.

As a life-long fan of music (especially metal music), I have to question what the Grammy's really mean anymore (or ever).

The judges often go with the commercial hits for their choices and the hard rock and metal categories don't even get a nod on the show, although that might be a good thing... AC/DC won the Grammy for "Best Hard Rock Performance" with "War Machine," a track that comes off one of the band's most irrelevant album in years, when they could have picked Alice In Chains with "Check My Brain" as it is a great track and Black Gives Way to Blue was a solid rock record.

As for "Best Metal Performance," Judas Priest's 1977 song "Dissident Aggressor" managed to beat out Megadeth's "Headcrusher". Now I do find Megadeth's live show to be a bit bland, but at least it's a recent song that is memorable and the band has never won a freakin' Grammy before despite being nominated eight times! What the hell? You can't tell me that Rob Halford, while being the awesome vocalist he is, is performing the song better than ever in 2009!

Maybe I'm just overreacting and need to zone out and tune in, but it's hard to watch an awards show that cares more about fancy bling and commercial appeal than the actual music.

If you care you can check out a list of nominee's (and later the winners) RIGHT HERE.

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Rob Liz said...

I'm with you. Check out my rant on my site. You're much nicer then me about this:)