Tuesday, December 8, 2009

5 Years Gone: Remembering Dimebagg

Five years ago on December 8, I received a phone call from my brother late into the night asking if I had heard the news. Dimebagg Darrell, guitarist for Pantera and Damageplan, had been shot pointblank on-stage.

I immediately went downstairs to my computer in disbelief and saw all of the news stories speculating what had happened that night.

I then put on some Pantera. I was wide awake, even if it was late and I had school in the morning.

No matter if you agree that Dimebagg is a legendary guitarist or not, his death was shocking and terrible. It was probably the only "celebrity death" where I felt like I had actually lost a brother and friend.

That was what was so amazing about Dimebagg, even people who only knew him through the music, recognized him as family. That is sort of what is so cool about metal in general. Its ability to connect people is unheard of in just about any other form of music.

As the day draws to an end, I just want to say that no one deserves to go out like Dimebagg did. However, it almost seems kind of fitting for Dimebagg to die doing what he loved on-stage.

He may be dead and gone, but the music still lives on.

Rock In Peace Dimebagg!

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