Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Overkill: The Hardest Working Band in Metal?

Overkill is probably one of the most overlooked thrash bands that are still around today.

Sure Testament and others may have never gotten the spotlight they deserved, but Overkill got even less. (Maybe it's because of the fact that Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth sometimes resembles a banshee when singing, but hey, just like Geddy Lee once you get into it, it just fits).

To this day the band puts out a new album what feels like every other year (or sooner) and usually the end result is better than what the old school bands take 6 years to make!

Overkill will continue its thrash domination with the release Ironbound, coming out on February 9, 2010.

Also for any listeners in my home state of Iowa, a road trip may be in order for the upcoming show in Chicago.

April 09 - Chicago, IL @ The Metro

While you are waiting, check out a video of one of my favorite Overkill tunes, "Necroshine"!

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Rob Liz said...

Nice article. I couldn't agree more about Overkill. I was just talking to a buddy the other day about trying to see them in April and he said he couldn't get into them because of Blitz's screechy vocals. Trying to tell him that Bobby's vocals improved over the years fell on deaf years.
I've enjoyed almost every album since Years of Decay(W.F.O being the exception because of the shit production) but I think that's the stigma that keeps these guys from going to the next level is that they're not "brootl" enough and because of Blitz's old screech vocals. It's a shame because they're as solid a metal band as you get imo.