Saturday, October 24, 2009

Remember When: Drain STH

I can't say I was ever totally into Drain STH in the '90s (I know the group was on Ozzfest). But I was doing some YouTube browsing and decided to check out some videos of them. Pretty cool music with sort of an Alice In Chains vibe.

They have some heavier tunes, but this one was the best quality. I wonder what this band is up to now?

Update: After doing some research, I found out that apparently this band is no more. The members broke up after what I believe was their second album. The singer married Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath and the rest are playing music in other bands.


Anonymous said...

wow,surprised to find a post on drain.if your going to get a album,get the first one "horror wrestling".killer.might take a few hard listens to really "get it", but once you do-it'll blow you away.

current update: maria's married to toni iommi,flava is playing bass in a band(don't remember who but the band has a myspace page) last i heard anna married the drummer from "opiate for the masses", joined that band then the band broke up.

martina just moved back to sweden to have a baby.i just sold my snare to the drummer from the electric boys(who lives in L.A.)were she just moved from,and he told me about her.also turns out she is his step

on the off chance you can find the first drain ep,can you post? its real hard to find.

Randy said...

Thanks for the info! I will have to try and check out that album too. I'm always up for some good metal/rock suggestions.