Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Evile Bass Player Mike Alexander Passes Away at Age 32

Evile is an up and coming thrash metal band that recently released its second album Infected Nations a few weeks ago. While they have gotten some shit for sounding too much like Metallica and Slayer, I think they are an awesome band.

Today it was announced that bassist Mike Alexander passed away after being hospitalized while the band was touring. I heard a rumor it was from a blood clot, but at this point I'm not sure (UPDATE: Death believe to be cause by a cerebral hemorrhage).

Either way, it's always tragic when someone so young passes away, especially when he is a brother in metal.

Check out the unreleased track "My Parasite" from Infected Nations. I really dig the ending riffs!

RIP Mike Alexander (1977-2009)

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