Friday, September 18, 2009

Megadeth Performs "Headcrusher" on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Can't say Dave Mustaine's vocals are the best during this performance, but he hasn't ever really been known for the strongest of live vocals. The guitars rock. However, this performance is why Metallica will have an advantage over Megadeth in the mainstream.

Metallica has that groove they find and they are much more energetic live, whereas Megadeth's shit is so technical that they are more focused on playing accurate than entertaining.

Just my two cents though.

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Rob Liz said...

I saw Megadeth open for Heaven and Hell and I'll have to say, if you've ever watched a concert and got the feeling the band just wanted to play their set and get the hell out, this was it.

Virtually no interaction with the crowd it was play a song and immediately jump to the next one on the setlist. As you say the playing was flawless but there was no fun or energy up there on stage.