Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Scar Symmetry Sounds Badass!

Scar Symmetry is a Swedish death metal band that has been around for about five years now. Their older stuff was good, but I never fully got into them. I heard this new song "The Consciousness Eaters" today and it rocks.

The band recently lost vocalist Christian Alvestam who was replaced by Lars Palmqvist (clean vocals) and Roberth Karlsson (growls). The death metal barks have a little more bite and the clean stuff is more power metal driven, but in a good way.

I'm not trying to bash the original singer, just saying with these guys, the dual vocal attack works well.

Dark Matter Dimensions comes out on October 10 in the US.


Eclectic said...
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Eclectic said...

That does sound pretty good. I was concerned that having two vocalist replace Christian was going to set them back but based off this track that is hopefully not the case.

I loved the old SS albums and think Christian is a monster to be able to handle all of those ranges so well. It's too bad he can't just settle down and commit to a project.

Eclectic -

Randy said...

Nice blog Eclectic. I noticed you were following mine and put up a link, so I'll make sure to do the same for you.

Thanks for commenting too!

Overcow said...

Form the songs I've heard, I don't like it at all. Not only are the vocals worse then the glorious Älvestam (if you think there growls are low, check out The Few Against Many), but it feels like something is missing.

The music feels more metalcore-ish and less melo-prog-death. Because for me, the keyboard parts and melodic passages where 10000000 times better on the first two (and in some regard, HU to).

I'll of course check the album out, but it feels... off. - -