Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ahhh! It's Gojira! (Also Buckethead)

As if October wasn't metal enough with Halloween, the most of evil of holidays, and some sweet concerts in Des Moines (Check out those here), now Iowa City decided it needed to get in the mix and host some awesome bands!

The big draw? Gojira at the The Picador on Saturday, October 10 (yes the same night as AC/DC in Des Moines, now I have to choose!). This band is so badass in a way that only the music can describe, so check out some of their stuff below. "The Way of All Flesh" made my top five in 2008.

Other notable acts include:
Tues September 8: Emmure with Evergreen Terrace, Stick to Your Guns, For Today, and Oceano @ The Picador.

Thurs September 17: Victor Wooten @ The Picador.

Also coming to The Picador on Monday, September 14, is the shredmaster himself, Buckethead. Just watch the videos below. Badass!

I found this cool video of Buckethead jamming when he was younger too.

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