Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's Up Anthrax??? Part 2

As posted on Blabbermouth:

ANTHRAX's manager, Izvor Zivkovic of Split Media, has released the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

"As announced last week, thrash legends ANTHRAX regretfully cancelled the first three dates on the second leg of their European tour due to new vocalist Dan Nelson's unexpected illness. An additional seven European dates are also cancelled, those scheduled from July 22 to July 30.

"ANTHRAX is thrilled to announce that they will play the August 1 Sonisphere festival in Knebworth, England, with their good friend John Bush [ANTHRAX's singer from 1992 to 2005] joining them for a very special one-off performance.

"The members of ANTHRAX have confirmed the departure of vocalist Dan Nelson. In light of this development, ANTHRAX's slot on the U.S. SLIPKNOT dates set for August and September, has also been cancelled. ANTHRAX is already actively considering lead singer candidates, and looks forward to hitting the road before the end of the year."

So there you have it. For some reason (illness???) Nelson is out of Anthrax and John Bush is temporarily back in for a one-off show. Like I said, hopefully this isn't an instance of Nelson being seriously ill.

UPDATE: Nelson released a statement saying that he was willing to continue performing with Anthrax and was not ill. Apparently the band was having issues and decided to oust the singer before things got worse.

UPDATE 2: More info from Scott Ian.

Also, remember that CD "Worship Music" that was supposed to be released in October? Yeah, that's not going to happen.

It's a sad day for Anthrax and all the fans looking forward to this album. Now the search is back on for a new singer. Hopefully all goes well!


Loud Reviews said...

I never even got to see the band with him live

Randy said...

Yeah I hear you. I always thought they were kind of boring with John Bush live compared to Belladonna, but Bush is good on CD.

Also it seems like Ian's rhythms cover up the lead a bit too much live as well...