Friday, July 10, 2009

Heavy Metal Rumor Mill: Ozzy Osbourne to replace Zakk Wylde???

According to an interview with Classic Rock magazine, Ozzy Osbourne is considering finding a new guitarist to replace Zakk Wylde on the next album/tour.

The craziest part of the new? Zakk Wylde knows nothing about this decision.

Either Ozzy was just foolin' around and this is some kind of album publicity stunt or Zakk Wylde is going to be one pissed off motorcycle-ridin', guitar-squealin', SDMF'er!

Who knows? Maybe it will motivate Wylde to write some rippin' new BLS tunes, because the last few albums have felt uninspired.

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Martell said...

Does it matter?? Wouldn't Zakk be beter off without Ozzy. What the Ozzy has done to his career can only hurt the talent of Zakk. If you have listened to Skullage you know what I mean.