Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Black Dahlia Murder "A Selection Unnatural" Rules (Bonus: "Deflorate" Album Art!)

I somehow missed the fact that a Black Dahlia Murder track "A Selection Unnatural" was streaming on Revolver Magazine's Web site. It can also be listened to directly below, via the YouTube.

It's short and sweet, and in my opinion sounds better than the new Slayer which is also lacking in length. Lots of energy and the new album cover which is currently released in eye-straining view on Blabbermouth will hopefully soon be available in full-size for all of us to enjoy. From what I see it's very colorful and seems like a unique approach for the band, seeing as the other covers are much darker and the last one was almost black metal in style.

UPDATE: Larger CD Art Now Available, I heard the idea was based off Iron Maiden's "Powerslave" album. So I threw it in below for comparison.

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