Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shadows Fall Seek "Retribution"

Shadows Fall has been one of my favorite metal bands of the past decade after releasing metal classics, "Of One Blood" and The Art of Balance". The band saw commercial fame with its release "The War Within" and signed to Atlantic Records.

The band's momentum was at an all time high, but then crashed after they released the mediocre "Threads of Life" album.

Now the band has started its own independent label by way of which it will be releasing the new CD "Retribution" on September 15.

Hopefully Shadows Fall will reclaim its former glory and prove to fans that there are still many more raging years of metal to come.

Check out the band playing the new song "Retribution" live. My metal heart fills with hope.

UPDATE: New album cover below. Nothing too fancy, looks like a badge/seal of some kind.

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