Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alice In Chains: "A Looking In View" Out Now

The new single "A Looking View" off the forthcoming "Black Gives Way to Blue" is out on iTunes and Amazon retailers. Holy Jesus it's good!

William Duvall does Layne Staley justice and Jerry Cantrell in company deliver a tune that is darker and heavier than anything the band has put out.

If the rest of the album sounds this good, it could be a heavy contender for album of the year. I heard the video comes out tomorrow so I will post it ASAP when it does.

Alice in Chains is back. Staley would be proud.

UPDATE: No video yet. Not sure when it's going to be released. But you can listen to the song now below.

UPDATE 2: The video has arrived. Very professional looking and fits the song.


s! said...

wow.. yeah.. this is heavy!!

good to see AiC back, and hopefully there's no letting up

i_stay_away98 said...

I'm honestly not sure how you can assume that Layne would be proud of their project.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i_stay_away, I'm sure he's rolling in his grave right now because he would have wanted his former bandmates to never make new music under the AIC name again.

I think Staley would have had to have been a massive douche for him to want such a thing, which I refuse to believe.

Anonymous said...

"I'm honestly not sure how you can assume that Layne would be proud of their project." Layne is dead. He was a drug addict that cared more about shooting up then AIC. Sure he was great in his day but that was then...Get over it already. AIC sound awesome..NOW!