Thursday, June 11, 2009

Alice In Chains: "Black Gives Way to Blue"

Yeah, "Black Gives Way to Blue" is the name of the new Alice In Chains album which will be released on September 29!

The album title is interesting and definitely not what I saw them choosing (I figured it would be some type of play on the band's resurrection). However, I am still betting on this release being huge and hopefully a good one too.

Also if you thought Jerry Cantrell was dead all of those years away from Alice In Chains you were very wrong. In fact Degradation Trip is one of my favorite albums (although a bit depressing) and an essential buy. Make sure you get the double-album though.


Anonymous said...

"I figured it would be some type of play on the band's resurrection" is.

Anonymous said...

[darkness] gives way to [serenity]


at the same time, black and blue. which has other connotations as well (bruises).

i think it's a perfect title. and the september 29 release date is interesting. it's dirt's release date, and the 'color temperature' is completely opposite to dirt's. it seems to be commenting on things in multiple ways.

Oswald said...

I am wondering if it means that Black (metal) gives also way to a more blue(blues)sound.
What I heard from a Jerry Cantrell interview it did not sound as a particularly bluesy album.

It also seems to refer to the dark moods and atmospheres of the early albums and this mood could be a little more blue.(Maybe a bit like Mad Season's album...?).

The essence of blues is that by singing it you try to find comfort for some kind of pain or regret. Before the lyrics were maybe more like drowning in the sadness/depression.
So it means also maybe they are giving way from a depressed state to a more melancholy state, a little more uplifting.

I am really anxious to hear the new album!

Anonymous said...

This band from the beginning had all the parts to really fly...somewhere along the line they decided that crashing was more important...I am glad they chose this name, staying away from the obvious words likes...ashes, Phoenix, rising...or even "Grind" - don't plan my funeral before the body dies.

Looks like I will be standing in line somewhere on the 28th...(Dirt was released on the 29th of Sept. in the past too)...omen?

Anonymous said...

What's the point in speculating on the title?
Maybe it means from death comes sadness (but look on the bright side - sadness is better than death!) ...
or maybe after a death comes a blue sky ... or maybe after you've drank all the Jagermeister you drink some blue Gatorade ... or black people gave away the blues (and punky white kids cashed in) ...

Randy said...

I'm enjoying all the comments on this one. Especially the "after you've drank all the Jagermeister you drink the blue gatorade".

One thing is for sure, this album is going to rock!

Anonymous said...

I have read that it is referring to Layne's death and the resurrection.

The title track is supposedly an emotional tribute to Layne and his legacy. Of course I haven't heard it yet so who knows for sure

Anonymous said...

I think its the color or the blue as in sky giving way to the dark...just an opinion

Anonymous said...

I'm a sixteen year old chick and I'm really looking forward to this album! You can expect me to be standing outside a best buy somewhere on the 28th! This album is definitely going to be different from past ones, but I'm sure its still gonna be awesome. How can it not be? It's Alice In Chains!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Alice in chains has cemented it's way in the music world. They will never take a step back even though layne died they have emerged from the dark(black) and rose again in to the light (blue). As a band they have had hardships but then again what bad ass band don't. THis is a long awaited album and we the fans are waiting.... AIC kicks ass.KB

Warezddl-Mp3 said...
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Anonymous said...

I was very impressed with this album! would def. recommend this to anyone who likes alice in chains older music

Randy said...

Yeah, amazing CD! "All Secrets Known" is an awesome way to open an album and in my opinion the music on here at least blows the Alice In Chains self-titled album away.

GodAm said...

When I heard Alice In Chains had a new singer I was hesitant. I love Layne and miss him greatly. When I first heard Looking In View, I was releaved. They sound great. The new album has not left the CD player in my car (in there along with Dirt, Facelift, and the Music Bank.) I truely like all of the songs on the album. Not one song is a skipper. So happy to see the band back in action.

Anonymous said...


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