Friday, May 29, 2009

Ozzy Sues Tony Iommi!

Ozzy Osbourne brought a lawsuit against Tony Iommi stating that he illegally claimed sole ownership of the Black Sabbath name.

The lawsuit is asking that Iommi hand over fifty-percent interest of the Black Sabbath name to Ozzy, also giving up some of his profits that resulted from use of the name after Ozzy left the band.

Ozzy's legal team argues that since Ozzy was a defining part of the band's sound, he has a right to a part of the band's name and profits.

I could maybe understand Ozzy bringing this lawsuit in the 80's after leaving Black Sabbath, but he has allowed Iommi to use the name for so long since then that it seems this case is no longer relevant. I just don't see there being anyway he can win this, but I guess money talks in our legal system.

Plus, Iommi is now recording with Dio under the Heaven and Hell moniker. They are no longer using the Black Sabbath name to sell records. Bad timing on Ozzy's part in my book.

Does Osbourne really need anymore money??? I think not! Maybe Sharon needs some new plastic surgery or something.

For the official news story check out the New York Post article.

Check out a statement from Ozzy here.

Ozzy-era Black Sabbath is legendary I will admit that:

However, Iommi and the rest of the gang released plenty of good stuff after Ozzy left.

Exhibit A: Ian Gillian-era clip

Exhibit B: Dio-era clip

Exhibit C: Tony Martin-era clip


UPDATE: To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Sabbath's "Headless Cross", Tony Martin will be doing a full tour across the United States. Ozzy is already filing court papers. You can't have three Sabbaths!


Anonymous said...

i agree with it all u said, oh BTW, that isnt Tony Martin, thats Ian Gillan from Deep Purple

Randy said...

Dammit, I don't know why I did that! I corrected the error and also added a real Tony Martin clip. Headless Cross is one of the better ones from that era.

Thanks for catching the slip-up on the names. I am interested in hearing how all this will play out.

Spike said...

Sharon Osbourne truly King of the jews
and we all know what happened to him

Spike said...

Since Ozzy claims Tony Iommi deserves to be recognized as a true original Ozzy owes his fame to him and should share half of all his "Ozzy" album royalties with Tony since Ozzy "stole" the Sabbath image.
Hey! fairs fair.

frank said...

Without Tony Iommi......Ossie would have been fired from his slaughterhouse job, and probably dead, or a miserable bum.....Tony paved the way, with the groundbreaking riffs, Geezer wrote the lyrics, and Bill was... well Bill and kicked ass until '78....( you don't see him suing anybody)....I've been a fan since the 70's ....even after he turned himself into a cartoon character, and shamed himself and family, all for riches.......and low and behold wasn't enough, give me a break......I don't know how many interviews I've read over the years, where Ossie relishes in his commercial successes, and never once mentioned his interest in the Sabbath legacy......Actually he used to ridicule RJD by hanging that midget at the shows.....I can't believe I'd ever despise Ozzy Osbourne, I know it's really the Digital Bitch he's married to, but senile or not, there is no excuse for this..........Iommi rules

Anonymous said...

This is all because of the Reunion Tours and reviving the Name "Black Sabbath" together that Ozzy is doing this. Iommi was trying to single handidly cash in on the new found fame of Black Sabbath after they all worked hard to revive it together.