Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chimaira and Toxic Holocaust Music Video Double-Header

Check out this new music video for the song "Destroy and Dominate" from Chimaira's latest album "The Infection".

I actually think what I have heard of the rest of the album is better than this song, but I guess it's a good thing when you can release one of the worst songs on your album and still have it be an OK single.

Chimaira - Destroy And Dominate

Next up, we have a video from modern day thrash band Toxic Halocaust" for the song "Nuke the Cross" off their latest album "An Overdose of Death...".

Is it just me or is it becoming hip to be thrash again? Even old thrash bands seem to be reuniting that I never heard of in the first place! Anyways check out the video below.

It has the essential items every metal music video needs. Loud guitars. Leather. Fire. Guitar players on fire. Solos. And mosh riffs. Goddamn!


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