Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fear Factory Reunites... Sort of... (UPDATED)

I used to put Fear Factory off as nu-metal garbage until my former guitar instructor kept raving about the album "Obsolete". I decided to check it out along with "Demanufacture" and I was pleasantly surprised to hear a band with an interesting singer and machine-tight rhythm section.

Songs like "Edgecrusher" were dangerously close to nu-metal territory, but like some of the later Sepultura stuff it still somehow worked.

And no one can argue that a song with the intensity of "Shock" or "Demanufacture" isn't metal!

So it was good news when I saw today on Blabbermouth that the guys in Fear Factory were getting back together. Well more like starting a new band that is essentially modern day Fear Factory with Dino in place of Christian Olde Wolbers (who I actually like also, just check out "Archetype" one of Fear Factory's finest albums).

I am hoping that the guys will continue under the Fear Factory name with Wolbers, after putting out this new material with the as yet unnamed band. This would appease both old and new fans as well as myself.

Dino Cazares is still one large dude though, but he lets out a surprising amount of energy live considering his size.

Lets hope the new stuff is solid and the guys all get along when playing together. Now for some videos! Both are taken from a live show at Rock Im Park sometime in 1999.

UPDATE: This line-up with Dino on guitars, Burton C. Bell on vocals, Byron Stroud on bass and Gene Hoglan on drums is actually going to play as Fear Factory and record a new album. No idea what is going on with Christian and Raymond hopefully they are out by choice and not being forced to go, because they seem like good guys.

UPDATE #2: Nope. Looks like it wasn't by choice. Legal battle ensues.


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