Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Burning Human Track: "Tormented Mind" Available at Metalsucks.net

You might better know Jason Bittner for his drumming in Shadows Fall, but recently he has been slamming the skins for death metal band Burning Human who actually sound pretty good, if not a little generic.

You can download the track "Tormented Mind" for FREE courtesy of the dudes over at metalsucks.net. Just right click on the download button and hit "save link as" and you are good to go.

Burning Human's first self-titled CD is out today.

And while we are on the topic of metal bands with Shadows Fall members, I finally listened to some of the latest Overcast release "Reborn to Kill Again" and it is rockin' (Overcast features Shadows Fall vocalist Brian Fair and Killswitch Engage bassist Mike D' Antonio).

Brian Fair sounds more like he used to on the Shadows Fall albums "Of One Blood" and "The Art of Balance", so it is worth checking out.

Lets hope the guys in Shadows Fall can put together something better than the mediocre "Threads of Life" album for their next release!

Other notable new metal releases out today include:

+Daath: "The Concealers"
+Chimaira: "The Infection"
+Lacuna Coil: "Shallow Life"

Also today marks the release of Iron Maiden documentary "Flight 666".

Don't forget that The Metal Show airs from 6-7PM TONIGHT only on KRUI 89.7 Iowa City, Iowa!

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