Wednesday, March 18, 2009

While We Were Boozing

A lot of music news came out the last couple o' days while I have been in online avoidance mode aka Spring Break. Sometimes you just have to slow things down, grab a bottle of Jimmy Bean and appreciate mother nature (pissing on mother nature is not appreciating it, D'oh).

Anyways here is an update of what we missed while partaking in the festivities of the break/St. Patrick's Day...

+Mastodon are currently streaming the new album "Crack the Skye" on MySpace.

+Judas Priest announced they would be playing "British Steel" in its entirety this summer for the 30th Anniversary of the album (along with other hits). No details yet on them doing all of "Nostradamus". I have heard that will be a more limited run, which is probably a good idea!

+The Frenchies in Gojira announced they will be going on a headlining tour here in States. "The Way of All Flesh" made my top five list of 2009 and they seem to be a tight live band. The closest date to Iowa is May 10 in Chicago, Illinois (see tour dates to the right). I think they should come to People's Court in Des Moines though!

+Killswitch Engage will put out the new CD on June 23. Lets hope they can recapture some of that magic on "Alive or Just Breathing"!

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