Friday, March 27, 2009

What Don't Kill ya, Make ya More Strong: Metallica Unleashes Broken Beat and Scarred Music Video

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The video is a live recording of the band and it really showcases the energy these guys have right now. You can hear Rob Trujillo's bass and backing vocals unlike on the album!

"Broken Beat and Scarred" is one of my favorite tracks off "Death Magnetic" and this video just reminds me how good the band is live.

I will post the actual embedded video once it is up so you can view it directly from the blog also.

UPDATE: Video posted. Also I heard Rob Trujillo will NOT be playing with Metallica at the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, but instead it will be Jason Newstead!

I guess this could be because Metallica is mainly getting in for the Black Album, but I know I would like to see them both play. It's nice of Trujillo to step back and let Newstead jam though. Both are class acts.

UPDATE: I thought I would share a recent video of Jakhals Frank interviewing James and Lars from Metallica for a Dutch TV show. Funny interview from a guy who isn't afraid to ask the band the tough questions.

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