Monday, February 16, 2009

Woo! Lamb of God is back!

In 2006 when Lamb of God released Sacrament via the major label Epic, people weren't exactly sure what to expect.

Would the band water down its sound or try something different?

From the first single, Redneck it appeared that the band was heading in a more lighthearted chart-friendly direction, but the rest of Sacrament was anything but.

Songs such as Pathetic and Foot to the Throat had a similar vibe to the songs off Ashes of the Wake, but everything was extremely polished. Almost a little too much so (notice the band got a new producer in place of Machine).

Experimental tracks such as Descending and Blackened the Cursed Sun were technically brilliant, but I just didn't feel they had that groove and in-your-face attack that the band is known for.

Today, Lamb of God released another track, Broken Hands from the album Wrath which is due out next Tuesday (February 24). Check out this track from another unlikely source SPIN.COM.

I don't know when Lamb of God became trendy enough to be featured in both the Associated Press and SPIN, but if stuff like this is getting the spotlight that is fine by me!

Broken Hands kicks in with the snarling voice of Randy Blythe and kicks in with a cool guitar lick that then transforms into a heavy grooving beat.

The songs Contractor, Set to Fail and Broken Hands all have had a more raw feel to them thanks to producer, Josh Wilbur. And it appears so far that Randy Blythe will is delivering the best vocal performance of his career.

Check it out for yourself! Between Kreator, Cannibal Corpse, Lamb of God and God Forbid we are going to have more awesome metal albums in the first two months of 2009 than we did all 2008!


Oh and if you missed it, Lamb of God released a music video for the song Set to Fail. I originally posted it with the Kreator video, but I think it fits better on this post.

Nothing too fancy in the video, fans rocking out to the live band has been done many a time before, but still a good tune nonetheless!

Set To Fail

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