Monday, February 9, 2009

Alice In Chains Release New Teaser Video

So awhile back I made the prediction that the new Alice In Chains album will be one of the biggest releases of 2009 and the band just keeps building on the hype by releasing these in the studio vids.

Check out the latest one below which features an ominous and heavy Alice In Chains riff. Lets hope the rest of the album will sound that good!

Week 11 Update


Derek Lambert said...

If I have nothing else to live for than this, that's fucking good enough...I am in Maine, pretty much the only place guaranteed not to get an AIC tour love, but Boston is about an hour and change...however, that being said, I had reason myself down from the cliff and came ever-so-close to buying a plane ticket so I could see them in Columbus on May 16th...however, I've decided to wait because when this tour finally happens it will be so much sweeter to see them close to home so I can tie on a Layne-worthy buzz and enjoy Alice properly. This is do joke going to make my late-20s...can't wait

Randy said...

Amen brother! Nothing can beat Alice In Chains in their prime and William Duvall has an awesome set of pipes that will fit in well with the band (even if Staley can never be replaced).

If it makes you feel any better... I'm in Iowa and we also get very few tours. I'll be willing to travel for this though!