Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lamb of God Contractor Widget

Lamb of God recently released the song Contractor to build hype for the new album Wrath which is due out in February.

This song sounds like it has a mix of everything from the band's past with a thrash feel.

Drummer Chris Adler had this to say:

"This album is going to surprise a lot of people. Typically bands that get to where we are in our career begin to slack off, smell the roses and regurgitate.

We chose a different path.

No one wants to hear another band member hyping a new record. 'Wrath' needs no hype. We have topped ourselves and on February 24 you will feel it."

My only complaint is where are the solos? But I imagine Willie and Mark will have that covered as well.

If this song is any indicator, Wrath is going to be better than Sacrament and may even be a candidate for album of the year in 2009.

Plus they brought back more of that groove seen on Ashes of the Wake so it sounds like they listened to me on that one!


Also you can download the song courtesy of right here.

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