Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kings of Rock!

Remember a time when MTV used to play music and had TV shows also related to metal music, such as Beavis and Butthead?

Ok, so maybe even I am a little young to remember the full impact MTV had on the world back in the day... but that doesn't mean I can't hope that maybe one day the station will go back to its roots and play a varied selection of music videos!

Anyways, MTV has a new site out called MTV Music and it actually has some cool videos on it. Although it is missing a lot of artists (especially in metal), you can find some decent stuff with solid quality.

The site inspired me to post two videos, one metal and one not.

UPDATE: D'oh! Both of the players seem to do weird stuff in Firefox (the superior browser), but somehow they are working alright in Internet Explorer. Hopefully it is a temporary problem, otherwise MTV has failed yet again!

Anthrax- Belly of the Beast

Great song from one of the best thrash albums of all time!

Run DMC- Kings of Rock

Best Hip-Hop band EVER. There is something about their music... it rocks and it talks!

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Poguis said...

I remember those great days on Mtv, in the early 90's