Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Metallica Invades The Metal Show and Celtic Frost Disbands!

That's right if you caught the show tonight (Tuesdays from 8-10PM), then you might have heard me mention doing a special Metallica edition of The Metal Show.

I decided that the first half of the show on Tuesday September 16 (from 8-9PM) will be a normal show with the usual mix of rockin' metal tunes and the second half (9-10PM) will be dedicated to Metallica old to new. So if you are debating buying Death Magnetic maybe that will persuade you to buy it. Or not.

In other news, legendary underground metal band Celtic Frost officially disbanded today after reuniting in 2001.

I think you know what I have to put up now (Note: don't know what is up with the video for the song, but it seems like a decent quality version song wise so crank it up).

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