Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Metal Show is Back Baby!

That's right, TOMORROW NIGHT (that's Wednesday) from 9-10PM there will be the first metal show of the semester.

Don't worry, there will be a full 2 hour Metal Show next week and it will actually be on THURSDAY from 8-10PM if all goes to plan.

Scheduling conflicts you know? Nothing is ever easy!

Oh, and due to the flood KRUI studio is now located in the Quadrangle dorm, so as of now there is no iPod connection and no live streaming.

That means that currently there is no online version of The Metal Show until further notice! But don't worry, hopefully that will be fixed soon. So right now, it is a more intimate show with limited selection and a small studio with a soon to be fixed phone...

Anyways, make sure to listen to tomorrow's show only on KRUI 89.7! New Metallica maybe some new Into Eternity as well as the classic and modern metal anthems that you know and love (and probably some you don't).

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