Saturday, September 6, 2008

Geezer Butler reacts to Sarah Palin

This release was taken from the official Heaven and Hell website:

"Thank you all who came to see the Metal Masters tour. It was a pleasure touring with such great bands and friends — JUDAS PRIEST, MOTÖRHEAD and TESTAMENT, and their respective crews. It was great meeting everyone who came to the meet and greets after the shows.

"Now back to reality. As you may know from my web site and lyrics, I am pro all life, not just unborn fetuses. I don't understand people who say they are pro-life, but then support unnecessary wars and the disgusting slaughter of animals for sport. I respect people's freedom of religion, but I absolutely abhor hypocrites. Which brings me to this horrific video of cowardly bastards in airplanes, shooting wolves for so-called 'sport,' and the hypocritical politician [referring to Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin] [she's supposed to be pro-life, remember], who allows this cowardly act to take place in her state.

"I know lots of people who hunt, and I enjoy shooting at my local gun range, but I don't know, nor would I want to know, anyone who gets pleasure from this disgraceful behaviour. God/nature has created a beautiful earth, and populated it with beautiful creatures, and I believe that all life is miraculous. Why do politicians [royals included] enjoy killing so much, and treating those miracles with such contempt?"

I am not trying to support any candidate on this blog, but I did find Geezer's comments to be interesting. Seems a lot smarter than some of those musicians that try to get political (cough... Dave Mustaine cough...).

In other news In Flames released a new video for the song Alias off A Sense of Purpose. The song may not be traditional In Flames style, but I like it.

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