Friday, June 6, 2008

Anthrax unveils new singer

The guys in Anthrax recently played two shows opening for Iron Maiden in Irvine, California, where they unveiled the new singer Phil Anselmo er... I mean Dan Nelson.

Watch the videos and you definitely get a Phil (Pantera and Down front man) vibe from the new singer. If you had to compare him to the other two singers his voice lies closer to John Bush's in the music spectrum.

His voice may add a new heavier aspect to the band, and I could see him working if Anthrax was going for a more modern sound. My only beef with the guy is that he can't match the range of Joey Belladonna on the older material. But then again, I consider Joey to be one of the better singers in thrash metal.

The current Anthrax line-up for those that haven't been keeping track is: Dan Nelson (vocals), Rob Caggiano (lead guitar), Frank Bello (bass guitar), Scott Ian (rhythm and lead guitar) and Charlie Benante (drums).

Now check out a video of Dan Nelson and the band performing the song I Am The Law from the classic album Among the Living. I picked this one to post as I actually like the heavier feel it gets with the new singer's vocals. He seems to falter a bit on some of the other songs, like Caught in a Mosh, but for the first few shows, coming from a no-name band, he is doing a damn fine job!

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