Sunday, May 4, 2008

Only two more shows left for the current school year!

Check out The Metal Show this coming Wednesday from 7-9PM as well as the following week as they are the final shows of the year!

For this week's show, I plan to hopefully play tracks off the new Testament album Formation of Damnation. That is if I ever get the damned thing, I preordered an autographed copy and still haven't received it in the mail. Maybe I should call someone about that.

The final show is going to be a Summer Edition of The Metal Show, full of rockin' tunes and summer time metal tunes to get you through finals week (or the work week if you are out of school/never went). You should definitely check it out!

Make sure to check for the Fall 2008 semester's schedule in the future to see when The Metal Show will be airing after summer break. Also, you can be sure to find the new time slot on this blog when it is known.

Thanks for listening and making this semester the best yet at the University of Iowa for The Metal Show!

Check out this old school Megadeth for the song "99 Ways to Die"! I was thinking of this for some reason the other day.

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Anonymous said...

maybe, u can help me. Im a crazy metal girl from Hungary, and since december Im working, and doing my PhD, in Ispra, in CCR. I had black/death metal bands in Hungary, im playing bass-guitar, and now Im looking for a band here, maybe in Milano. So, if u have any idea, let me know!