Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rockin' Into The Night!

That's right, your rad host Randy is working hard into the night crafting the perfect edition of The Metal Show for all you listeners out there!

Just thought I would point out that I updated the concerts section with a death metal show with Vital Remains at The Picador next Tuesday as well as Buckethead in the summer! (hey he isn't exactly metal, but that is still awesome)

Make sure to listen to the show for a good times from 7-9PM tonight!


P.S. Make sure to pick up a copy of In Flames new CD A Sense of Purpose that was released on Tuesday.

Also go to this website in order to see the new Chuck Schuldiner (RIP) of Death BC Rich tribute guitar. I wish I had a bunch of money so I could buy this fine piece of axe!

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