Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Concerts, Band Reunions and More!

Randy here updating this good ol' metal show blog instead of doing much needed school work.

First off, I went to the High On Fire, Saviours, A Life Once Lost and Intronaut show at the Picador last night. Missed Intronaut, did get there in time for Saviours who put on a solid show. "Cavern of the Mind" is an awesome song, and while their sound is by no means original they are a fun band to check out (the vocalist kind of reminds me of a combo of Lemmy and that vocalist from Killing Joke).

A Life Once Lost got the hardcore kids windmilling, air punching and kicking around like crazed lunatics or idiots, take your pick. Ha, the hardcore scene just isn't my thing I guess. Moshing may not be the most cool looking thing, but it looks a lot less ridiculous than what the hardcore kids do. I prefer to enjoy the show from the front row and do some traditional headbanging myself (call me old fashioned).

The singer did do some hardcore aerobics and hung upside down from pipes or something above the stage, I was expecting him to fall off and hit his face or the pipe to rip off the ceiling, but no luck (just kidding, I wouldn't wish that on him). The band wasn't terrible despite my rant, they had good energy.

Finally High On Fire called on the power of Tony Iommi and got the stoner rock grooves going as blunts were passed about the venue (I probably got high from all the fumes!). However, you don't have to be under the influence to enjoy the sounds of High on Fire. Their guitar player/singer had some cool licks and for me, really shined in his solos. Pretty cool old style stuff, kind of trippy like Pink Floyd style at times.

My only complaint, and this goes for most stoner rock in general (unless you consider COC stoner rock, cause they are badass), it can get repetitive.

However, despite the songs sounding fairly similar I still enjoyed the show and even bought a Saviours T-shirt (remember these guys have to make a living). The High On Fire Hot Sauce caught my eye as well, along with the paper notes that said, "We need money for pot" and "We Need a Place to Crash" from Saviours and A Life Once Lost respectively.

-Randy, signing out.

P.S. I was reading news articles from the good folks at blabbermouth.net and I found out that the comedy/metal band Green Jelly was reuniting and re-releasing the cds "Cereal Killer" and "333". If you haven't heard em' check out this awesome video for the only song that made them a hit, "Three Little Pigs".

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