Monday, December 3, 2007

Hang on to your lugnuts its time for an overhaul!

Hey metalheads Randy here letting you know that the blog was actually updated today! (are you as surprised as I am?)

I apologize for the lack of updates in November, but it does explain why November is the month with the highest case of suicide and coincidentally awesome heavy metal songs. Because there is so much damn stress and anger that month with classes coming to a culmination and cold weather all around.

But now Christmas cheer is rearing its head and although that may not mean great rage filled metal music it does make for metal show blog updates as well as Twisted Sister Christmas cover cds.

Listen to the Metal Show Tuesday night only on KRUI 89.7 from 9-11PM for a breaking concert announcement that comes surprisingly close to home... in fact there is going to be an awesome metal show at one of Iowa City's very own venues so you will just have to listen for that news!!!!

Oh, and it will be put up on the blog after Tuesday.

Have a metal week and listen to the metal show tomorrow night!


While you are waiting in suspense for that update here is a little clue as to one of the bands coming...

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