Monday, September 24, 2007

Tuesday is the day that we all go broke...

Hello again, it is Randy here for your what seems to be weekly blog message. Tuesday September 25th is going to bring the pain on metal fans pocket books as the new Arch Enemy, Down and Dethklok cds come out! Not too mention if you are like me and forgot that Iced Earth's new one is also out now.

It is times like this where you have to prioritize which albums you need the most...

Not to mention that Tuesday is the official release date for Halo 3 if you are into video games. This game is ridiculously huge, so I assume at least some of you reading this will be buying that as well.

Whatever you do go out and support metal, whether it be buying any of these new cds or an old classic thrash album!

That is an order!

Sgt. Randy

P.S. If you are a fan of metal and don't know what Metalocalypse is do yourself a favor and check out the show on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network)


Anonymous said...

If ANYONE can track down the limited edition of Dethalbum in this town, let a brother know. Nothing at Best Buy. Nothing at FYE. Nothing online unless you want to spend 50 bucks, or more.

Oh, and nice to see there is a metal show back on KRUI. I listened regularly back inthe 90's whe there was one on on Saturday nights. Now, If we could just mobilize and get some of these bands to come to town...

Randy said...

Yeah we do need some of these bands to come to town! Or at least somewhere near Iowa City.

Anyways, about that limited edition I was curious too. I heard people that preordered it even had problems getting it, so maybe it was very limited? That is ridiculous that it is going on sale for 50 bucks! The cd is cool though.